Dear friends of the WANS:

Two decades ago, a group of bright physicians representing the finest expression of Neurosurgery created the World Academy of Neurological Surgery. One of these outstanding members, Prof. Juha Hernesniemi, recently and sadly passed away. His contributions to the neurosurgical community are countless and his famous saying “fast, clean and respecting anatomy” is a legend linked to Helsinki, the center elevated to the consideration of neurosurgical “Holy Place” due to Prof. Juha Hernesniemi leadership in Clinical Practice, Research and Teaching as Chairman of Neurosurgery in Helsinki. Thousands have visited him, watched his surgeries live, learned what they could and were grateful. His characteristic style is that of supreme efficiency in tackling the most challenging aneurysms, avms and brain tumors; there never was a wasted move. He was lightning fast, yet clean and fastidious. He was a man of few words, but each word, like each surgical move, meant something profound. He was of utmost humility and never let his fame get to his head. He was sincere, caring and loved to teach. He took care of every student, trainee and fellow with fatherly pride. His passing marks the end of an era, yet his legacy reigns wide and deep. All WANS members will miss you Juha! We will miss our conversations about life, happiness, and the pursuit of one’s passion. We will miss your honest posts on Linkedin where you were always true to self, the voice of honesty and truth, a voice that was never afraid to criticize suboptimal treatments by self-

congratulating self-promoting individuals in our field. Juha, nobody walked the walk like you did. May we learn some of your giant steps

With our condolences to his family, friends and colleagues,

Miguel A. Arraez – President

Imad Kaanan – President Elect

Bill Couldwell – Past-President

Luis Borba – Secretary Treasurer

Jacques Morcos

Mika Niemela