Welcome To The World Academy of Neurological Surgery

Dear Friends of the World Academy of Neurological Surgery,

For the next two years, it will be my great honor and privilege to serve the World Academy of Neurological Surgery as President. This honor is highlighted as our organization is gathering a group of selected neurosurgeons from all around the world that are the expression of the finest neurosurgical science. We face the challenge of incorporating the best colleagues whose academic and personal profiles will contribute to our goals (“the promotion of cooperation and camaraderie amongst world leaders of neurosurgery, exchange of scientific knowledge and recognition of major contributors to the specialty”). Periodically you will receive an update of the available vacancies for the proposal of new members from different countries. We are also excited working in the new WANS meetings (Cape Town 2023 and Malaga 2024) and a series of webinars is being devised to keep the contact and communication among members.

Thank you very much for keeping alive the quintessence of WANS with your fruitful neurosurgical activity and friendship.


Miguel A. Arraez, MD, PhD
President, WANS