Meeting Schedule



Monday April 25

06:30 pm – 8:00 pm Opening Cocktail Reception and Registration
Fontainbleau Suite 3rd Floor, Grand America Hotel

Tuesday April 26
Riviera Room 3
rd Floor Grand America Hotel

07:00 am – 05:00 pm Registration desk open outside Riviera Room

07:00 am – 08:00 am Breakfast

8:00-8:05            Welcoming Remarks  William Couldwell, President

Guest Presentations:

8:05-8:20            Lateral supracerebellar infratentorial approach for microsurgical resection of large midline pineal region tumors: techniques to expand the operative corridor – Aaron Cohen-Gadol, USA

8:20-8:35             Craniovertebral Junction Neurosurgery – Massimisiano Visocchi, Italy

8:35-8:50             Impact on Facial Nerve Outcomes with Planned Maximal Resection Using Subperineural “Onion-Peeling” Technique for Surgical Resection of Vestibular Schwannoma  –James Liu USA

8:50-9:05             From the Laboratory to the Operating Room. –Alvero Campero, Argentina

9:05-9:20             Endoscope-assisted microvascular decompression in hemifacial spasm – technique and outcome  –Henry Schroeder, Germany

9:20-9:35             Quality of Life in Brain Tumours:  Do we really understand if and what can we do to improve it? – Kate Drummond, Australia

9:35-9:50             Multimodality managment of complex intracranial aneurysms – Andreas Gruber, Austria

9:50-10:05          Break


10:05-10:20        Global Neurosurgery: only a semantic expression or a real intervention toward a more worldwide equity? – Franco Servadei, Italy

10:20-10:35        Bibliometric Analysis of Publications from 2011 to 2020 in 6 Major Neurosurgical Journals: Geographic, Demographic, and Article Type Trends – Kenan Arnautovic, USA

10:35-10:50        Peripheral Nerve Surgery – Update and Future – Lucas Rasulic, Serbia

10:50-11:05        Surgical treatment of symptomatic pineal cysts without hydrocephalus – result of a meta-analysis of the published literature and preliminary results of a prospective cohort study – Tom Santarius, UK

11:05-11:20        The great need for training in spine surgery: a specific priority in Africa. – Abdelsammad El-Alzhari, Morocco

11:20-11:35        A Review of a New Clinical entity of ‘Central Atlantoaxial Instability’: Expanding Horizons of Craniovertebral junction Surgery. – Atul Goel, India

11:35-11:50        Do No Harm” in Severe TBI. –Stefan Florian, Romania

11:50-1:05          Lunch Break


1:05-1:20             360º Approaches to mesencephalic brainstem tumors- Miguel Arraez, Spain

1:20-1:35             Childhood Brain Tumors-The Greatest Healthcare Disparity. – Fredrick Boop, USA

1:35-1:50             Role of robotics and laser interstitial ablation in paediatric neurosurgery. – James Rutka, Canada

1:50-2:05             Circulating Biomarkers in Neuro-Oncology. –Manfred Westphal, Germany

2:05-2:20             How Simplicity trumps complexity in contemporary Skull Base Surgery –Imad Kanaan, Saudi Arabia

2:20-2:35             Factors associated with hearing outcomes after a middle fossa approach in 131 consecutive patients with vestibular schwannomas.  –William Couldwell, USA

2:35-2:50             Surgical Management of Vestibular Schwannoma (Acoustic Neuroma): Facial Nerve Outcomes, Radiographic Analysis, Complications, and Long Term Follow up in a Series of 420 surgeries. – Jacques Morcos, USA

2:50-3:05             Break

3:05-3:20             Falcine meningiomas: Outcome and Recurrence.  –Benedicto Colli, Brazil

3:20-3:35             Kissing meningiomas of the foramen magnum.  How to manage.  –Mentor Petrela, Albania

3:35-3:50             Falcotentorial Meningioma, Personal Experience.  –Ibrahim Sbeih, Jordan

3:50-4:05             Vagal Paraganglioma: A silent disease. –Luis Borba, Brazil

4:05-5:00             Business Meeting

07:00 pm – 09:30 pm Gala Dinner
Grand America Hotel, Fontainbleau Suite, 3
rd Floor
(Business Attire)


Wednesday April 27

07:00 am – 08:00 am Breakfast

8:00-8:15             Alternate mechanisms of MYC overexpression in IDH-mutant gliomas. – Koray Ozduman, Turkey

8:15-8:30             Traceable extent of resection grading for meningiomas. –Tiit Mathiesen, Denmark


8:30-8:45             A novel taxonomy for brainstem cavernous malformations. – Michael Lawton, USA

8:45-9:00             Giant Proximal ICA Aneurysm: How Safe are Flow Diverters?  – Basant Misra, India

9:00-9:15            A randomized control trial to expand indication of mechanical thrombectomy for patients with large ischemic core. – Shinichi Yoshimura, Japan

9:15-9:30             Experience with recurrent arteriovenous malformation (AVM). –Chandrashekhar Deopujari, India

9:30-10:00          Discussion

10:00 AM            Adjourn


Spouse/Guest Program

Monday April 25:  06:00 pm Opening Reception, Fontainbleau Suite, 3rd Floor Grand America

Tuesday April 26:  08:00 am Breakfast Laurel Brasserie & Bar, 1
st Floor Grand America

10:00 am Shopping trip to City Creek Mall, Downtown Salt Lake

01:00 pm Afternoon Tea at Grand American

07:00 pm Gala Dinner at Grand America, Fontainbleau Suite 3rd Floor (Business Attire)


Wednesday April 27: 08:00 am Breakfast Laurel Brasserie & Bar, 1st Floor Grand America